Cab-Track Solutions

Satellite tracking at it's best !

Vehicle tracking and monitoring 

Our GPS tracking system allows you to monitor the position of your vehicle on your computer, tablet or smartphone instantaneously not just in Ireland, but anywhere in Europe

The CAB-TRAK platforms offers real time GPS tracking of multiple vehicles in a web browser and mobile Applications. A live view of the entire vehicle fleet gives you control, the nearest vehicle can be dispatched for a job and specific vehicles can be followed when required. Alerts and notifications of events are instantly available in the application.
Reports for most common business requirements are delivered with CAB TRAK to help you analyze and improve your business. You can use the CAB TRAK Reporting framework to configure additional reports based on any data in the platform. Reports can be presented directly in the web browser or scheduled and sent  over email.

Remote tacho downloads


With Remote Tacho Download, all data from both vehicle and driver are downloaded automatically. For this, the vehicle needs a suitable download device that is able to download the encrypted data and sends it remotely to another server. The company card is installed in a central place and is it’s not necessary to put it into the tachograph anymore.
This is by far the most convenient way to download the files and make sure that you download the files in time.

With connected tacho data device we will present drivers names on platform together with tacho data: mileage, rest, idling and driving hours. Our smart tacho analysis app can present full driver history for preferred period. Tacho tracking box connecetd to FMS line shows fuel level, engine temperature, consumption. wirred to CANBUS line gives full vehicle's data on vehicle tracking platform. Reports can be generated and printed.